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Introducing MIDEUM, your route to trusted reporting.

Problem Statement: Every firm is riddled with too much cost, too much risk and a lack of standards around Regulatory Reporting.

That’s why we created MIDEUM. A cloud-based and data-driven regulatory reporting platform, providing interoperability and true

adaptability. Our ‘just-enough’ approach to functionality is blended with real people who have unrivalled regulatory experise – this is

the power behind de-risking your journey to trusted reporting.

MIDEUM proves that regulatory reporting needn’t be such a drain on firms’ scarce resources. So, sit back, relax and let MIDEUM’s

data-model be the brain.

Three reasons to trust MIDEUM...

Deep Regulatory
Knowledge + Support

Our team has extensive experience of 

working in Financial Services in the UK and

 globally, so we can be trusted to accurately

 map these to the regulatory reporting



Our deep understanding of regulations 

gives us speed and agility across the entire

interpretation and implementation process

Interoperable, Modular,
Data-driven Architecture

Our solution works with your

data, your systems, your people – enabling fast

integration of data from any source. The

collection, mapping, aggregation tools work

with large volumes of data.


Your team can confidently sign off reports by

having line of sight on full lineage of data

used for regulatory reporting.

Simple to Adopt + inbuilt
compliance assessment

Our transparent data lineage and data

architecture make it easier for internal

adoption and management of the reporting

outputs, combined with training and



Modular cloud-based platform makes it

simple to work with, and evidence

controlled processes, with full audit trail.

A peek inside the MIDEUM platform

But don’t just take our word for it


Believing that ‘being different, makes the difference’, we offer ‘on-demand’ and bespoke advice to help you, while you focus on your business.

Listening: To Really

Hear Your Needs

Free initial consultation and discovery 

sessions to build trusted relationships

 and ensure we understand your

 context and requirements.

Assess And Provide 

Pragmatic Support

We assess your requirements and provide

flexible resources for consulting and

delivery in a way that works for you and

your firm’s culture.

Expertise, Mindset

and Energy

We have specialist expertise across

business and technology in Financial

Services. Our solutions are delivered

calmly, with enthusiasm and simplicity.

Areas of expertise ...

RegTech Consulting:


RegTech Adoption

RegTech Ecosystem

Open Data Standards

Regulatory Reporting

GRC, Risk Management


Functional Consulting:








Thematic Consulting:


Front to Back Flow





AI & Ethics