Gaps between today’s capabilities and tomorrow’s expectations are widening.

Let us tell you more

Let us tell you more

What are the gaps?

Gap #1. Regulatory Reporting

Every firm is riddled with too much cost, too much risk and a lack of standards around regulatory reporting.

We’re fixing this…

Gap #2. Regtech Adoption

RegTech is still quite new & fragmented, with no common langauge.  RegTech’s value by 2025 is estimated at c$55bn!

Ecosystems + Standards are needed…

Gap #3. Culture

Culture is widely accepted to be the root of major conduct failings leading up to the 2008 financial crisis.

Purpose + People are key ‘trust’ gaps …

RegTech & Consulting

Our decades of business, regulatory, data + interpretation expertise is combined with technology to give regulators + firms tooling, to address their key pain points.

MIDEUM is a data-driven reporting solution that focuses on openness, collaboration, trust and simplicity


Our cross-jurisdiction ‘think-tank’ groups commenced Oct 2020, focusing on RegTech + other gaps. As a result, we have created an ecosystem working on:

1. ‘Industry Working Group – Regulatory Reporting’, 2. Regulatory Taxonomy + Ontology’ project with FINOS

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We believe ‘creativity, more than competitiveness’, is critical, to bridge gaps and an important element of that is collaboration.
Here are some of the organizations we are working with to deliver long-term sustainable value - through individual or industry engagement.

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The role of conduct and culture in the context of open data standards and regulatory reporting.

Working Group #1: EcoSystems, RegTech Adoption, Purpose and Culture